5.4m SD65 Telescopic Carbon Landing Nets - Pole only

A lightweight telescopic carbon landing net.

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No more need for heavy/bulky pool nets

Convenience and length now in one lightweight package

Extends to 6.3m contracts down to just 1.3m

(5.4m version also available)

Weighs only half a kilogram

Note this is the pole only. It does not come with the hoop section.

Telescopic ISO carbon landing net SD65

We all know the importance of having a landing net on hand in case you hook onto that fish which is too big to lift onto the jetty. The problem is that not all landing nets are constructed the same. Some landing nets are either too short or too heavy to be practical. 

Over the last few years we at Australasian Fishing tackle identified the need for anglers to have a landing net which had the following characteristics:

-Extendable to long lengths. Enables anglers to land fish off high jetties or rock shelves which are a fair distance from the water line. 

-Light weight, light enough for an angler to be able to have the pole and net slung around their shoulder even whilst they are fishing.

-Contracts to fit inside a car boot and/or inside an apartment.

Well we have managed to source some and the Sanlike Carbon fishing nets fit the bill and there are two types in this series; a 5.4m and a 6.3m version. Now like many of our products we have tested these in the field and host of different species such as trevally, bream, luderick and flathead. The most memorable capture was an 83cm dusky flathead pictured above which would have topped the scales at over 4kg. The two flathead shown are not the same.

Slippery hands? No problem, the bottom part of the pole has a rough texture which assists the angler in gripping the pole.

Now there is a correct technique and an incorrect technique in using these nets. We have compiled a list of recommended techniques below:

Never pre-extend the net. The person doing the netting work should extend it as required just before the fish is about to be landed. Having a net pre-extended to 6.3m is just asking for someone to step on it or get in the way of people casting. To extend these nets all one has to do is pull out the top section about 1cm which is secured by a rubber cap. These nets are so smooth that when the top section is released the other sections follow quite readily. 

Extend the net only to the REQUIRED amount. If the water surface is only 3m away from you, then there is no need to extend the net to anything greater than say 4m. Any extra length would be a hindrance and add unnecessary leverage against the netter.

Aim to guide the fish TO THE NET and not to bring the net to the fish.

Once the fish is secured, begin to haul the fish out by contracting the sections of the pole hand over hand like you are pulling in a rope. Again be sure to keep the load parallel to the pole and the pole to be as vertical as possible. DO NOT LIFT the pole towards the sky at a 90 degree angle.

Be sure to keep the net contracted and off the ground at all times when not in use.


Note that there are 2 models to choose from the 5.4m and the 6.3m model.

6.3m length (630 model) and 5.4m length (540 model) when extended 

1.27m contracted length

12mm internal thread to suit 12mm net sections.

509g weight (630 model), 477g (540 model)

6 sections (630 model), 5 sections (540 model)

99% carbon content.

Textured handle for extra grip.

Adjustable Carry handle.

Aluminium net (hoop) section pictured not included.

*Aluminium net attachment adapter pictured is not included (this adapter is not required for net attachment).
*Net pictured is not included.

To purchase the net(hoop) section please visit this page .

For the optional net adapter please visit this page.

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