18 Seriola Sea Micro Egi Squid Jigs

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These are a range of super effective squid jigs designed to catch bait sized squid and cuttlefish. Let’s face it sometimes the squid will be very selective and will only target the smallest jigs presented to them. This is where the Seriola Sea micro egi jigs come in to their own. With ultra-sharp barbs, glow strip and an irresistible finish you can count on these jigs to work.

In fact we have been testing them in the field over the last several months and have caught squid on EVERY outing, yes every single one. We have used them closer to the ocean to target calamari and have headed far upstream and caught arrow squid on them. Take a look at the following photos and videos to see just how effective these have been.

Afraid of putting a dent in your wallet after losing a few jigs to snags? Well as the sun gets higher in the sky you really should be fishing as close to the snags as possible. Do not worry though we have sourced these at a price which means it won’t hurt the bank account too much if you lose a couple.

  • 18 Seriola Sea Micro Egi jigs in total (3 of six different colours)
  • 6 different colours to suit all your needs (general rule: on bright days use brighter colours)
  • 2 different sizes #1.5 and #1.8
  • 5.5cm in length (#1.5)
  • 6.5cm in length (#1.8)
  • Glow in the dark tail strip
  • Streamlined design
  • Cloth trim
  • Tapered weight
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