Cal's Grease 16 Ounce Tub Purple Large -Cracked tub

This tub of reel grease is discounted from its original price.

$89 $75.65
Excluding Tax
Stock Status: 1 pcs
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This tub of grease was cracked upon shipment and the contents transferred to another tub. Approximately 8% of the grease has been lost from its original container.

We all know how important it is to look after our gear. This is highly regarded by anglers in the know to be the very best grease money can buy. It can be used on internal gearing and also used lightly on drags to ensure optimal performance. A value for money tub of the best quality grease for the serious angler.

  • Baby skin - smooth, ultra consistent lever and star drag performance.
  • Incredible salt water corrosion protection on all metals, including aluminium, steel and brass.
  • Safe to use on anodized and plated surfaces.
  • Safe to use on all common plastics, drag materials, seals, and o-rings used in reels.
  • Superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels.
  • Reduced gear drive friction for easier cranking
  • Minimal grease "creep"; it stays where you put it.

The Purple formulation was developed for anglers who used their reels in cold climates and found the Tan too thick for their purposes.


  • Minimum Net Weight 16 Ounce ~ 430grams
  • Colour: PURPLE
  • Uses: reel parts.
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