Daiwa Ballistic Tatula EXLT Smooth Carbon drag fishing reels (Pu10)

The perfect Carbontex drag replacement for your fishing reel.

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MPN: J67-8801
Stock Status: 7 pcs
Delivery Status: 1 - 4 days (business)


The introduction of carbon fibre drag material has been one the most profound innovations in the fishing arena in the past decade. For years Smooth Drag has been considered as the world leaders in manufacturing after market carbontex drags for fishing reels.

These drags are silky smooth and provide high stopping power - no more jerky drags and inconsistent tensioning. Smooth Carbontex drags outperform the old style fibre washers by a mile. They come packaged dry but they have a cross hatched surface which can hold small amounts of drag grease (such as Cals). 

Number of Washers: 3



Fuego LT 2500D

Fuego LT 2500DXH

Fuego LT 3000

Fuego LT 4000D-C

Ballistic LT 1000D

Ballistic LT 2500D

Ballistic LT 2500DXH

Ballistic LT 3000D-C

Tatula LT 1000

Legalis LT 2500D

Legalis LT 2500DXH

Legalis LT 3000

Legalis LT 4000D-C

Tatula LT 2500

Tatula LT 3000

Tatula LT 4000CXH

Tatula LT 3000D-CXH

Legalis LT 2500D

Legalis LT 2500DXH

Legalis LT 3000

Legalis LT 4000D-C





Procyon LT 2500DXH

Procyon LT DCXH

Procyon LT 300DCXH

Procyon LT 4000DCXH

Sol LT III 2500D

Sol LT III 2500D

Sol LT III 3000D-C

Sol LT III 4000D-C

Sol LT III 5000D-CH

TD Black 4000

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