SFC SamoAus SeaBass 120 Surf Rod

An excellent 3 piece surf rod ideal for Tailor and Salmon

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SF Net SamoAus Sea Bass Fishing rod

The Ideal rod for Australian Salmon!

These graphite fishing rods are beautifully constructed and are well suited to Australian conditions. They are light weight, responsive and cast well. The finish on these rods are impressive and their performance equally as good. These rods are great as multipurpose rods for shore casting. They have a fast –medium action and are very light weight so you can hike with them long distances without tiring. Storage is not a problem as all rods in the range come with a cloth rod bag for protection and the longest length rod is 127 cm stored – great for apartment living. These are suitable for use off the rocks, beaches and also jetties where a longer rod is required.

ModelPiecesLength (m)Length (ft)Stored Length (cm)Line Weight (kg)Reel Mount position (from butt)Mass (g)Number of Guides% Carbon

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